Why “vegan schmegan”?  Because I don’t want to get too hung up on “plant-based” vs. “vegan” labels.  Let’s get hung up on all the delicious food instead!

A bit about me.  I was vegetarian for many years before I went vegan.  I live in South Asia at the moment.  Lucky me for all the fresh and tropical produce available here!  I love the days that I get my groceries delivered.  I like prepping and cooking fresh, healthy meals.  Sometimes I look at recipes online or buy a vegan cookbook, but I find I’m not much for following directions, though they can be good points of inspiration!

This blog is supposed to keep me from looking like a complete glutton and food-obsessed on FaceBook and also let me concentrate my joyous fresh fruit and vegetable achievements in one place!

If you’re into it, please do get in touch and comment!  After all, it’s all about community.  There’s not much of a vegan community here where I live, so I would really appreciate it!