Carrot Ginger Soup For The Soul

School is back in session, the seasons are changing, and there’s a bug going around campus. Happily, I am only suffering from the sniffles and headache variety of cold and not dengue. Nevertheless, it sure has been hanging on and a nuisance. Yesterday it occurred to me that a nice carrot ginger soup might help. I haven’t had much appetite lately, which I know makes it even harder to recover. My bad. But I threw a couple carrots, a potato, onion, garlic, and a whole lot of fresh ginger into a pot and let it boil and simmer.

When all the veggies were cooked enough I put the whole lot in the blender with a little extra water. No oil or salt. Cooking for wellness.

Today I had leftovers dressed up with some “meat”balls, which I had prepped and on hand in the freezer. Cracked pepper, a lot of fresh coriander, and a rice flour chapati on the side rounded out to become a much better than recent-average school night dinner.


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