Meal Prep: Patties and “Meat”balls

I would call them neatballs, but I think that is actually a product name… Not sure. Anyway, getting ready for another week of school. Meal prep is the name of the game.

The original idea was just vegan meatballs. I was thinking about them simmering in a nice, thick tomato sauce. The patties happened because I thought they might be easier for packed lunch… Or maybe I was thinking it would be a lot less rolling of individual meatballs. Not that it’s much work. …So I’m lazy.

I am not going to write out a recipe, but I did think a couple process photos would be a fun way to mix things up.

Ingredients before and after. Dal (which I smashed with a potato masher after the pretty picture), chopped onion, some leftover rice, a bundle of blanched chopped spinach, oats, cayenne, and cumin.

After it had a few minutes to set up I put a sheet of plastic wrap on a board and formed the patties and balls. They’re in the freezer now. Once they are solid I’ll bag them and stick them back in the freezer ’til I need a quick meal during the week.

I’m pretty happy with the result. Whole food. Oil-free. Oats, legumes, and greens: loads of minerals and vitamins. And of course protein (lest anyone fear I might become deficient). Ha!



  1. I’ve seen people sometimes use the word “dal” to refer to particular kind of stew. I’ve also seen it used for a particular kind of bean/pulse, not incorporated into a stew – looks like you’re using it the second way here? In one of your other posts you mentioned including some dal as an ingredient, and when I first read that I was thinking you’d mixed in some leftover stew, but I think maybe this is what you meant there, too. Which is good, because it makes it simpler to duplicate! (is this the same as “moong dal”?)


    1. Yes, dal is used in both senses that you specify. It tends to clarify based on the context. I’m usually referring to it as a cooked legume and not a stew. Stew would work in this case, but take a lot more oatmeal or something to absorb the liquid. My way is surely a higher protein and mineral punch!

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