Vegan Nuggets or Eating Like A Child

Vegan nuggets. So weird. Sometimes you just want a change. Perfectly good, appetizing produce just languish in the fridge, neglected, and reproachful each time you open the door. This happens. Let me tell you the story of how it was this time. A slice of pumpkin and few sweet potatoes (that I knew were subpar, too light in the hand, and dry, but bought anyway, hoping, I suppose that my belief in them might have a reviving effect. It didn’t).

The sweet potatoes were conveniently out of sight in the lower drawer in the fridge. The pumpkin was the one that started it all. It was on the top shelf, front and center. Every time I opened the door it stared at me and I felt bad but not inspired. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the pumpkin and the sweet potatoes and decided this was not going to happen my usual steamed, healthy way. I steamed them, yes, but as you can see that was only step 1.

I made a batter of chickpea flour with some cayenne, cumin, and a little salt. Not too runny, but just enough so it wasn’t gloppy. I dipped pieces of sweet potato and pumpkin in the batter and then baked it in the oven on parchment paper. It’s ready when the nuggets come easily off the paper by just flipping it over with your finger (quickly because it’s hot!). The sweet potato nuggets were done first because pumpkin is wetter and therefore took a few extra minutes in the oven after removing the sweet potato from the pan. (So this shot only represents the sweet potato side of things).

Making it is fun. And so is the eating, but it needed something fresh so I made a quick salad to go along with it and decided to use soy sauce for dipping rather than ketchup or chili sauce. The best way is to assemble the perfect bit on the fork: a bit of onion, a couple bits of cucumber and tomato, dip lightly in soy sauce and then spear a sweet potato nugget and dip that in soy sauce too.


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