Tahini Toast

You know that whole instagram thing where people put all sorts of colorful combinations of ingredients on toast and then photograph it? I like those. In spite of the occasional bread making adventure, I’m not actually much of a bread person and therefore also don’t have that much toast.

Today is different. I had some cucumbers and tomatoes that wanted to be shown some love. I usually chop them up and make a little salad of them with some fresh red onion, chilis, and lime. But today is different.

Toast just sounded good. I put a little tahini on the bread (it’s the thick kind, not the lovely, runny Arab tahini, alas). Spread that around like butter. Then sliced tomatoes. Before I put the cucumber on I ground some fresh black pepper. I tend to prefer a spicier pepper generally speaking, but fresh tomato slices and cracked pepper can’t be beat. Obviously(?), cucumbers have to be added last after the pepper though. It is ok for pepper to be under the cucumbers, but the top has to be fresh and pepper-free. It seems…


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