Sushi Take-out

Some days we’re lazy. For those days, there’s FoodPanda delivery.

My first foray into trying sushi in Bangladesh. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s become trendy, it seems, because suddenly there are a bunch of sushi options. I randomly selected one called Sushi Samurai and was pleased to find their menu had a category to itself labeled “vegetarian and vegan”. Wow! That never happens here. No option available for oshinko rolls, which are my favorite, or kappa, but we got an assortment of crazy rolls with even crazier names. Vegan volcano roll on the right, the upper middle has teriyaki tofu in it and the lower left has shiitake mushroom. Also got a dish of seaweed salad, which would have been better with some rice, but actually, it was a bit mushier than other seaweed salads, so that was my least favorite. I prefer a little crunch and freshness. The rolls were good. Definitely an indulgence, which is precisely what’s needed some days.


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