My little dumplings…

Dumplings. I haven’t made them in ages. But then, I’d never inspected the frozen section of the Korean market very closely. I went with a friend the other day who was browsing and taking his time more than I needed, so rather than my usual purposeful, in-and-out shopping method, I browsed also. I was rewarded by discovering that they have dumpling wrappers in the frozen section!

I usually prefer steamed dumplings, but this time I pan-fried them in a little sesame oil. I kept the filling simple, crumbled, firm tofu, a grated carrot, a goodly bit of fresh grated ginger, chopped green chilis, thinly sliced spring onions. I mixed in a spoon of soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame oil, and a little garlic powder. Easy.

I was going to make fried rice (because I also found some lovely bean sprouts) but decided to save that for another day. I had enough dumpling filling and wrappers for a second batch, so I went ahead and prepped a second batch of dumplings to be frozen for later. Meal prep. Done.



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