Watermelon Ginger Shake

In June I was trying to balance my need to have favorite fruits around in abundance and emptying my fridge before leaving for the summer. Balance did not win out. To salvage the situation I ended up with a freezer full of watermelon, cut up and in boxes. Yes, I felt a bit silly, but I couldn’t help myself from buying it any more than I could bring myself to throw out what I couldn’t eat before my trip.

I guess I’m coming out alright now, though. Fruit shakes for days! I love this combo particularly. Watermelon and fresh ginger.


While I was in the states I tried to find a way to get a Vitamix to bring back with me. Didn’t work. Goals. My current blender is ok. Thinking about getting a food processor. If I had one I could make watermelon sorbet. That would be fun. But the shake’s pretty good, too.


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