Chickpea “Egg” Salad On Toast

It’s been a good long while since my last blog post.  I’ve been mainly using Instagram this past year, but I have heard from a few readers that they enjoyed this blog and hoped I would return to it.  I’ll give it another go!  I appreciate hearing from you, it’s a motivating factor for me to continue blogging.

I just got back from my summer holiday.  I took a six-week intensive design program in architecture.  Life-changing.

Now I am home again though, and the best thing about that is getting back into my usual market and kitchen routine.  Food haul coming soon, but for now, here’s what I whipped up for lunch.


There’s home-baked bread hidden in toast form under all the greens.  Nothing fancy here.  The day after I got home I went to the Korean market to pick up a few things.  They usually have a small but very fresh selection of greens and vegetables.  Lettuce is always a challenge here, but I got some anyway, though it tends to be overpriced and a little tortured… I think local caterpillars are starving for green leaf lettuce, it always looks a bit chewed up.  At least that might indicate that pesticides are not being used.   So I used three greens for this:  lettuce, water spinach, and amaranth (the grocer labeled it “radish leaves”, which I noticed later on the receipt; it looks like amaranth to me, but either way, they are fresh and nice, so I’m happy).

The chickpea “egg” salad was a quick concoction.  I had some small chickpea dal cooked and ready in my fridge.  I put some in a bowl, sprinkled a little salt and cayenne, squeezed half a lemon, a bit of mustard, and some tahini, mixing it all up.  Then I added little chopped onion to the mix et voila!




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