Garbanzos and macaroni – fresh and crunchy!

Basic stuff.  Trying to keep my meals balanced and nutrient dense. 

Water sauteed an onion and three tomatoes. Rinsed a can of garbanzos thoroughly and added them to the tomatoes with a generous amount of cayenne. Let that simmer.  Boiled macaroni in another pot meanwhile.  Chopped up a cucumber and sliced a lime, removing the seeds.  When the pasta was done I drained it and added it to the tomato mixture, tossing it all around ro coat evenly.  Then I plated about half and put the rest in a jar for later.  I added the cucumber to the portion I would eat now and squeezed lime over it all.  I was wishing for some more greens or broccoli but didn’t have any. Making do.

Without the cucumber it’s a pretty mushy dish, but it is totally transformed by the crunchy, fresh cucumber.  And the lime juice is the finishing touch. Every bite is good!  Very nice for a hot summer day.

Side thoughts:  Living in a shared flat this summer, it is interesting to see how other people manage their meals.  I have one who seems pretty into vegetables and puts tinned tuna in the mix everytime.  She likes fish.  She has the most stuff in the fridge.  Another cooked chicken breast yesterday and a couple pieces of broccoli.  She used oil and I guess pan fried it all, if that’s the right term.  I was surprised at how much oil she used. I do occassionally use a little oil but seeing how others use it in “normal” cooking made me realize how miniscule the oil I use really is.  I was especially surprised at the cooking of broccoli in oil. Does that even work? No wonder people think they don’t like vegetables.  Later she ordered pizza delivery.  That is how my third flatmate survives entirely – takeout. She doesn’t use the kitchen at all.  Our fourth flatmate moved out a couple days ago, but she was fasting and in the evenings she would go out for iftar (sometimes we all went together).  Suhoor she had in, but I think she had delivery for that because she didn’t have anything in the fridge. 

It’s interesting to see how differently we all handle our meals.  I am not eating as many vegetables and fruit as I do at home.  I don’t want to hog the fridge.  I have some and I expect my meals will be somewhat repetitive with the same ingredients.  That’s fine.  I tend to be more fruit based at home and here I am going more starch for convenience. I don’t like it as much, but it will do! Just happy to have kitchen access and not be roughing it with eating out and cobbling together meals on the streets  everyday.


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