My first evening home in Cairo

It’s fun to go exploring and eating out with friends, but this is a summerlong stay… I’m pacing myself.  This evening I stayed in.  As it turned out, my flatmates all are out for the evening so I am luxuriating.


I had anise tea and some dates.  Then, with the kitchen all to myself I decided to make a proper meal!  I was excited to try the fava beans and vegetables, so I worked with that as my starting point.  I boiled some macaroni and while that was cooking I water sauteed onion and tomatoes, sprinkling in a little cayenne.  Then I warmed the fava beans cooked in cumin.  I plated it fancily, with each component sectioned off and cucumber slices around the edge with fresh squeezed lime on top andore cayenne.  After the pic I mixed it all up. Very tasty.  It made twice as much as shown. I saved the other half of the tomato, beans, and macaroni for a future meal.

It’s nice to go out, but it’s also nice to stay in.  I was ready for an evening in, more than I even realized.  I was going to try to study, but I’m not much of a night person… I’ll study in the morning. Shantaram tonight!


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