Food haul in Cairo

I’m in Cairo for the summer!  Been here a couple days already.  Taking an intensive language course in Arabic, which I’ve long been looking forward to.  I’m staying in a shared flat – which is different for me as I am accustomed to living alone.  The kitchen leaves some things to be desired.  Nothing fancy is going to be happening there, but I am happy to have some self catering ability.  Will be keeping things simple though.  On that note I went to the supermarket yesterday.

Th fridge is shared and quite crowded, but I thought tomatoes and cucumbers were essential. I also got limes and a tray of mangos.  The rest doesn’t require refrigeration.  Tinned fava beans (very Egyptian!) and garbanzo beans.  I always soak and cook dried beans at home, but tinned is fine on the road.  I also got a box of dates, a packet of oats, and almonds.  I approached the peanut butter with skepticism thinking it would all be the bad kind, but I found a cinnamon peanut butter that is purely just peanuts and cinnamon, a combination I enjoy!  For tea there were lots of choices. I went for anise tea since there’s little to excite one about average green tea in tea bags.  And the essential spice I knew I would need was cayenne, so I picked up a bottle.

In the photo some of the cucumbers and mangos are already devoured.  I’m not sorry.  They were delicious.


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