Harvesting our class garden

I believe I mentioned before, I’m a primary school teacher.  I created an interdisciplinary unit around building a class garden.  It started for Math and then turned into a bunch of other stuff like Science and Health.  Anyway, yesterday was our second to last day of school so we harvested the garden.  (Sadly, I can’t share pics of the garden because students are in all the shots).  The kids were super excited to bring home vegetables and share with their families.  We divided it up equally and I got a bag as well!

There were three different things that were ready to pick.  Two kinds of shak and radish leaves.  Sadly the radishes themselves were not quite ready, neither were the aubergines, ladies fingers, or chiles.  But that’s ok,  everyone was excited anyway.  I’m not sure how to specify in English what the shak is exactly.  It’s a name applied to all dark green leafy vegetables.

I water sautéed a red onion and the thicker red stems from one of the shak, then lightly steamed all the leaves.  drizzled it with balsamic vinegar.  Very tasty!


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