Are they samosas?

I may have made samosas… Or maybe just some corrupted version of a calzone!  Either way, I like them.

I used half of the second ball of pizza dough I made the other day for the wrappers, leftover gobi aloo and chopped coriander for the filling, and baked them.

Not sure if samosas can be samosas if they are made with a yeast dough… I’ve made them before without yeast and I think that is the normal way.  If I recall correctly, the other way I made the wrapper was just mixing flour and plain yoghurt and kneading it into a dough.  If these can’t be samosas due to the yeast dough, I am prepared to accept that and call them Indian calzones instead.  So I’m not bothered either way, but curious.

These are best with a vinegar dipping sauce.  Apple cider vinegar, just plain or mixed up with a little crushed red pepper.  I think it’s also sometimes mixed with a little sugar, but I don’t, without sugar is fine.


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