Veggie wraps!

Everything is coming super-sized this week.  The Chinese cabbage is usually pretty small here, about the size of a romain heart.  This week, it was huge!  I can cradle it in my arms like a baby.  And that means that the wraps I make with it are also, necessarily big.

All the more room to fit in a bunch of veggies.  Steamed beets were my starting point.  Then I added carrot sticks, fresh sliced cucumber, a chopped green chile, and spring onion.  For a sauce I used tahini and lemon juice.

It didn’t photography beautifully, but it was delicious!  The sweet, earthiness of the beets and carrots, the richness of tahini, contrasted so well with the crisp cucumbers and cabbage leaf.  The chile lent just the right amount of spice.  It was perfect.

The wrap was slightly over a foot long!  A two-hander.  I managed a photo of it only after eating half!

Variation:  My second wrap, for a little extra chewiness and another texture to mix in, I’m  put a chapati on the cabbage leaf and then all the fixings.  It added a nice element!  Chapati is very thin flat bread.  It has a nice chewy texture.  Sort of like a tortilla.


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