Mini food haul

Loading up on starches and staples.


It’s not the most colorful and inspiring food haul ever, but definitely there is plenty there to keep me going.  The pumpkin and cauliflower were much bigger than I was expecting!  You never know, sometimes I order and they are little-bitty and other times, big.  That’s ok.  Glad I only ordered one of each.  The rice is a chinigura aromatic rice.  It’s white.  I generally prefer brown, but I only can find brown basmati here and sometimes basmati just isn’t what you want.  I like short grain rice, too, so when basmati’s just not the ticket, I use this other kind instead.  The aroma when it’s cooking in my rice cooker is very nice; it fills the whole flat.  This is a 2 kilo bag.  The other bag is 1 kilo of red lentils.  Got my starches, got my protein, … Still have some tahini and an avocado on hand, so not missing out on my healthy fats.  Will probably see if the other vendor has any more avocados soon.

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