Un cafecito…

I’m a tea person, but being out of leaves, means that I am reduced to so called tea brewed from tea bags, or coffee.  It’s about a draw which wins out in that case.  I do like the aroma and flavor of black coffee, but having it on the regular does slowly make my nerves go all jumpy and jangly…

Still, this is a treat.  Black coffee and a small dish of dates and dark chocolate.  What luxury and perfect combination!


I can’t get vegan dark chocolate here, so I rarely have chocolate.  This is from a bit I picked up traveling.

The best way to enjoy this combo is to split a date open, remove the pit, and then place one edge of the chocolate in half the date (taco style!).  The other side of the chocolate sticks way out of course, so put the other half of the date on the opposite edge of the chocolate.  The date is sticky and hugs the chocolate from both sides.  It’s a great flavor combination between the sweetness of the dates and bitter of dark chocolate.  I like to take small bites, one corner at a time, to prolong the flavor and intersperse with sips of hot, black coffee.  Perfect indulgence!


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