Potatoes and greens

At last!  A proper meal.  (Meaning a base of greens).


Back to basics with my amaranth leaves.  I lightly steamed one bunch (about 500 grams) and topped it with half a red onion, sliced, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  The potatoes are oil-free baked potato wedges, dusted in turmeric powder, black pepper, and cayenne.  And I made guacamole with half of an avocado, tomato, red onion, spring onion, cayenne, coriander, and fresh squeezed lime.  Tahini and dijon sauce drizzled on the greens and more on the side.

Personal update:  If you follow my blog then you probably know that my appetite has been off for a couple weeks.  I’ve been fighting some nasty stomach bug and generally off my food.  It laid me low and today was the first day I felt strong enough to get back on my feet and in the kitchen long enough to prepare a meal.  Food is medicine, so I’m hoping it will bring me back around again fully to my usual good health.

I couldn’t keep up with my food before some of it spoiled.  I hate wasting food, so this bothered me.  Hazards of eating fresh.  It wasn’t a lot of waste, though.  Some fruit spoiled or got moldy, but most I was able to save by freezing for shakes or stashing in the fridge.  And some meal-prepped dishes I ended up throwing away.  They may have been ok still, but I didn’t feel like taking any chances after such a rotten stomach.  Starting over fresh sounded better and safer.

Probably going to put off my usual weekend food haul.  Maybe I’ll do one mid-week.  Not feeling like being surrounded by too much food yet.  I have some staples and fruit left still.  Taking things slow and seeing how they sit, but hoping to be back in the kitchen more soon.


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