Lunchbox: bhorta(?!) bowl

I just realized something.  In trying to think of what to call that red lentil and veg mash that I used for stuffed aubergine (or if “veg mash” really is the only thing to call it), bhorta came to mind.  I think I may have made bhorta without realizing it – a Bengali comfort food of mashed vegetables with onion and chile.  I’m not sure if dal is always mixed in, too, but some of the versions I saw when I looked it up online had it.  Yes.  I think so.  I unwittingly made bhorta and I stuffed aubergine with it!

And I packed some of the leftover mash/bhorta for lunch today.


In the bottom I filled it with fresh spinach leaves.  Then I spooned in a generous helping of bhorta.  I made a bunch of cucumber rolls, just for a change (also, they are good for dipping), sliced tomato, and toasted sesame seeds.  Quite nice.  The second bowl had papaya and pieces of fresh coconut as well as a few cucumber stick leftover from making cucumber rolls for the first bowl.  Side of walnuts and banana.  Pretty well-rounded lunch, I say!


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