Lunchbox: Almost a rainbow

I need to get some more orange produce.  That seems to be the missing part from my rainbows lately.  Does pumpkin count?  The pumpkin here looks more yellow than orange and the sweet potatoes available are the Japanese variety with purple skin and white flesh.  Carrots everyday?  Nah!


I was surprised how many people viewed and liked the post I put up last night about the pizza I made.  Way more popular than my tiffin, food hauls, or meal prep posts.  Interesting.  I like these other posts better if for no other reason the pictures are more colorful.  And the food is tastier, too.  But then… everyone likes pizza, I guess!

Anyway, like it or not, like these tiffin pics.  They are like mini buddha bowls.  I’m into it.  Maybe people aren’t familiar with tiffins.  I’m trying out “lunchbox” instead and see if that gains better traction or interest.  Today’s lunchbox is the last of the pomegranate and pineapple and in the second bowl – steamed bok choy, pumpkin and “tuna” salad.  Side of walnuts.   Yum!


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