A Sunday morning save!

After almost four hours of sleep last night I was back in the kitchen taking care of breakfast and lunch.  And because I am obsessed with my amazing tiffin I will focus on lunch:

I put the bok choy in the bottom of my first bowl, making a bed of greens, sprinkled some sliced red onion and part of a tahini, lime, cayenne, turmeric, and black pepper sauce drizzled over it.  Then I placed sliced sweet potato and more red onion with the rest of the tahini sauce on top.  First bowl:  done!  For my second bowl I took it easy and just filled it with watermelon cubes.  And just in case I need a little something extra I have a banana and some toasted nuts.  From a whole weekend of slacking and not preparing to this… I’d call it a save!  Definitely.

And why, one may well wonder, would I be packing lunch on a Sunday morning?  Bangladesh is a Muslim country.  The holy day here is Friday, so weekdays are Sunday through Thursday with Friday and Saturday off.  So this is the kickoff for a fresh week.


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