Sweet potatoes and greens

From my FaceBook blog beginning.  Copied here for your enjoyment!

18 April:  That big bundle of greens propped up on the right hand side of the food haul pic is 1 kg of amaranth leaves (which believe me, once unbound and washed filled an entire shelf in my fridge in itself. No joke)!
In my bowl here, you see 1/4 of that, about 250 grams of leaves and three small sweet potatoes.


I steamed the sweet potatoes about 25-30 minutes, then with just a couple minutes left at the end I crammed all the greens in on top quickly, replacing the lid to lightly steam them as well. After that put the greens in a bowl, slice the sweet potato up and place on top, squeeze a lime all over everything, drizzle a tablespoon or so of tahini, and sprinkle some crushed red pepper. Done!
(Mixed it all around after the picture and then done actually)


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